“Because we idealize Giving so much,
we ignore the ability, blessing, and duty to Receive.”

- Ashlecka Aumrivani

Having an understanding that this unique time in a new family's life is both fleeting and intensive,

it is our aim to help relieve the large and important task of preparing the kitchen. 

This offering is not meant to be a strict, inflexible meal kit, diet,

nor dogmatic restrictive eating approach.

This is meant to build a foundation for foods that are nourishing and warming.

The offerings will complement any kitchen with plenty of familiar and well sourced ingredients

that offer flexibility to the family or clear guidelines to the postpartum person.

This is for the family that believes in home cooking with traditional ingredients.

This is also for the family seeking simplicity but healthful options.

. . . . M O R E. . . . 

Since 2015, Small Batch Wellness has been working to nourish new families throughout the Seacoast. Meg is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist that specializes in postpartum care. She believes that by blending traditional ways with modern-day science, we can create a postpartum that honors the individual’s path to wellness. She recently launched two new services to meet the evolving needs of postpartum families.

Purposeful Nourishment is a local grocery + goods delivery service curated for the family who just had a baby.

Favoring local farms + shops, doorstep deliveries are hand picked to deeply nourish healing

birthgivers as they navigate the early moments of parenthood.

The Postpartum Kitchen is an online database for families interested in including

food as an active form of healing in the postpartum.


Highlighting Postnatal Depletion Spectrum, navigate this unique time

confidently with access to this resource library.

A simple, versatile approach focussed on gut rebuilding, hormone balancing,

and blood building while being anti-inflammatory AND anti-bounce back.

Together we can #reclaimthepostpartum