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~ Frequently Asked Questions By Category ~

Delivery / Cancellation

Where do you delivery? Is there a fee?

We deliver within 35 miles of Wells, Maine. For the remainder of 2020, there will be no delivery fees. We may change this is 2021 but we are looking to set up a network of people and locations that may help us avoid this. If you are interested in becoming part of the community to drop off these goods, please shoot us an email to

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes! We don't want you to but understand that sometimes support and needs change. As long as your first delivery has not been made AND it's prior to 14 days before the scheduled delivery date, then you may cancel. We only have limited slots available for the series so we ask for this time to be able to fill your spot with folks on the wait list.

I'm outside the 35 miles, can I pay for delivery or meet you?

Not yet but ask! Starting sometime after the launch, we are working with local parenting centers to make this happen. The initial offerings though will most likely be contained to the 35 mile mark.

Questions about the Packs / Bundles / Goods

Can I sub out items from any of the bundles?

In general, no. It's not that we are inflexible though. We are trying hard to keep things streamlined and priced reasonably. TWe understand that you might have local honey or maple syrup hanging around, or that you've already got some rice in the cupboard. What we are providing you won't go bad and will be used up pretty quickly not just by the birthing person, but by the whole family too. If you aren't into receiving any of the deliveries. We will be making The Postpartum Kitchen Database available for purchase separately in the coming days. Please let us know if that's what you are interested in.

Will there be recipes?

Oh yes - boy will there be recipes! We include some printed recipe cards and a pretty little gold ring to keep them altogether with the delivery packs. Additionally, access to The Postpartum Kitchen means you get digital access to the same recipes PLUS curated recipes from around the globe that fit within the postpartum framework. Lastly, we also have guest recipes from a wide array of people including professional chefs, perinatal professionals, and highly regarded home cooks.

Why aren't you providing me with ALL the ingredients for ALL the recipes?

Great question - we thought hard about this. To be honest, you most likely don't need us to. You probably are sitting on some of the items already or perhaps the ingredients are optional, need to be uber fresh or they are so ubiquitous that they don't require much effort or special sourcing to get. We know that it is likely there are already trips to the grocery happening and we will provide you with a concise list of what you'll need to get. Here are some examples: > Date Night Bison Hand Pies will need you to purchase phyllo/filo dough. Thankfully, you can just pop that in the freezer until you are ready. To be clear, we aren't a meal kit conglomerate service, and the bundles are meant to complement and round out your postpartum nourishment plan. Your pantry already has much of what is needed and this is a way to create a solid foundation to build from. On the flip side, many of the items we are providing are shelf stable so if you already have say rice, quinoa, ghee, cool! Now you have more of these wonderful, shelf stable ingredients. These foods are perfect for the whole family and will be utilized well within the first year.

Is this like Thrive? Blue Apron? Door to Door Oraganics?, Misfit Market? Subscribe + Save?

You guys, no.You get it - you know that we aren't a conglomerate corporation. We are a small operation local to coastal Maine. We have a passion specific to the postpartum. There are many other reasons why we aren't the above. We don't require an annual fee to get regularly (or over priced) items, we aren't wasteful and bad for the environment. We support local businesses from local farms, shops, purveyors to perinatal professionals who are often solo entrepreneurs themselves. We are curated and specific with an eye towards you as an individual. We can't compete with those big corporations and we don't want to.


Does this include Holistic Nutrition services?

While Meg is a Holistic Nutritionist and these bundles were created with a restorative, healthful mindset, the bundles themselves don't explicitly include nutrition counseling. Purposeful Nourishment is an offering from Small Batch Wellness and we focus on postpartum care. Please ask about specific availability of Meg to chat more in depth about Holistic Nutrition in the Fourth Trimester.

What if I am past the 32 week window, can I still sign up?

Most likely, yes! If we have space and aren't too far out of that window, then more than likely it can work. The challenge becomes squeezing it in over a shorter period of time. There might be some catching up needed! :) Initially, there is a bit of reading and preparing before all the cooking begins. We want this to succeed for you so being cognizant the timing will help!

What if I'm an uber planner and want to do this before 32 weeks?

Yay you! The answer is possibly! Sorry to not be clear - we want you to succeed but we also don't want you to have old, stale freezer burnt food. You can start 'onboarding' the material earlier, in fact we love folks that read the info before so they can hit the ground running and even go more in depth with ancestral ways for the postpartum. We will coordinate your first delivery around the 32 week mark and if it's at all possible, we might be able to get their earlier! :)

How do I know if you are full or have space?

After you fill out the mini- questionnaire, we will send you an email confirming your space, letting you know if you are on a wait list, or informing you that we are full for that particular session. Depending on timing and availability, you may be able to get on the session before or after! Essentially we open spots twice a month!

I see you have payment options, how does that work?

We want to make this accessible for as many families as possible and recognize that lump sum deposits aren't always lurking in our bank accounts. We will be making 3 payment options available to hopefully fit more families. You must be paid in full to receive full access to the series and atleast 75% paid to receive the Foundational Prepare Pack.

If you are full, are there any other options?

We will wait list you and if that doesn't work out, we will refer you for a few options that might fit your family. We will refer to Postpartum Doulas that are familiar with Purposeful Nourishment and can actually cook! :) Postpartum Doulas are so worth considering either way. They can be tremendously helpful during this time full of questions and new milestones. They are like fairy godmothers that can help on so many fronts when navigating this sacred window. This is also money very well spent.

Is this a diet plan?

Nope! This is an EATING APPROACH that is geared to this truly unique timeframe in a birthing persons life. There is no other time in their life that mirrors what is happening in the postpartum body. This is meant to be a short lived (6 - 8 weeks) pathway with room for variety, flexibility and increased complexity. When we take a step back from rigid, out of date approaches like the Standard American Diet (SAD), and look at how our ancestors approached this sacred time, we see so many similarities that are attainable today. Additionally, those that know me, know that I am pretty anti-diet. It's a bit of a bad word in our house. Especially when it comes to the 'bounce-back' culture that permeates postpartum. While I see value in why someone might need to eat a certain method, it's a highly personal decision that is often mixed with medical, health and moral reasons. I personally believe that eating a FLEXATARIAN style will benefit the people most however, holistic approach means treating the whole body in an individualized way. If you are interested in the overall approach to the postpartum window, read up on the information HERE and especially HERE to understand the approach + guiding principles

Do you coordinate with doulas? Can they follow the series and help me prepare?

Yes! Doulas are like Fairy Godmothers - bringing goodness, knowledge and grounding that the postpartum timeframe needs. Because this request keeps coming up, and because Small Batch Wellness isn't currently offering in home cooking services, we are thrilled to be creating a fast tracked option for doulas to partner with. This will include a personal onboarding with your doula, to talk through the overall approach, recipe questions, create a coverage plan, and open up conversation. I am honored to work alongside doulas and believe this can be the best of both worlds. Side note: Some doulas cook - not a surprise! For some, a doula's love languages is food. They are often focused quite a bit in the kitchen as a way of providing support. These are the perfect partners to this excellent plan. Like all professions, though, everyone has a strongsuits and cooking may not be one of them. You'd want to ask some questions to gauge their level of comfort while being clear that you believe food is a vitally important role in the postpartum. I am happy to connect with your doula as well! There is another option too!!

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