Pantry Audit + Prep

We want to deepen and widen your existing pantry for this specific phase in a families life. Sorry to get all task driven on you but as you know PPN doesn't provide every single ingredient, so it's time to audit your kitchen.

There is a good chance you have many of these already in your kitchen but it's a good idea to double check and make note of what you are out of OR low on. ;) Many of these things won't go bad and will last you well beyond your postpartum. Please try and remember that food is medicine and this is an investment in your health.

Please note:

  • If you are curious about why an item might be worthy, many are listed in the Powerhouse section in the table of contents.

  • This list is geared towards OVERALL PANTRY PREP as well as completing the suggested recipes at 32 weeks. But since we are covering a long length of time (roughly14 weeks from 32 weeks pregnant through 6 weeks postpartum), you'll need to look at the individual DoorStep Delivery entries (see table of contents) and have some one keep an eye on the levels. Its worth repeating that if you dive deep into other recipes and make them, you'll go through pantry items faster and may need to purchase elsewhere again.

  • Items with [ x ] mean these are already included in your upcoming PPN deliveries. Items with [ ] mean they will be need to be audited in your pantry and if out, purchased for recipes. This whole list should be considered but the bold items are especially important. Items in italics are more for funsies and if you have easy access - not necessary


[ x ] Blackstrap Molasses

[ x ] Pure Maple Syrup

[ x ] Honey

[ x ] Dates, Medjool

[ x ] Chia Seeds

[ x ] Hemp Seeds

[ ] Nut Butter

[ ] Mixed Nuts

[ ] Cashew, raw

[ ] Almond, raw

[ ] Walnut, raw


[ x ] Grass Fed Ghee

[ ] Butter, Organic, Grass Fed (cultured is great)

[ ] Sesame Oil This warming oil is a friend to most postpartum people. We will use lots of this tasty oil both in our food and on the body.

[ ] Coconut Oil, unrefined

[ ] Kosher Salt & Himalayan Salt

[ ] Nutritious Yeast

[ ] Pure vanilla extract

[ x ] Cacao powder

[ ] Full fat coconut milk, cans

[ ] Goji Berry

[ ] Ground Flax

[ ] Jaggery

[ ] Dried medicinal mushrooms ( shiitake, reishi, maitake)


[ ] Mustard Seed


[ ] Regular Soup Broths (

[ ] Apple Cider Vinegar

[ ] Coconut Aminos /Liquid Aminos/ Tamari

[ ] Tuna

[ ] Salmon Roe

[ ] Sardines


[ x ] Basmati Rice, white

[ x ] Quinoa, 2lbs

[ x ] Steel Cut Oats, 2lbs

[ x ] Rolled Oats, 2lbs

[ x ] Split Mung beans (ample)

[ ] Split Lentils

[ ] Black Beans, dried

PRODUCE (this will vary each week but a regular supply of the following)

[ ] Fresh Ginger