The Postpartum Kitchen - 80%

Cooking of food can be sacred - Many are familiar with concept put forward in book (and movie) 'Like Water For Chocolate' - the premise is quite well thought of across many cultures - where intention goes, energy flows.....even into our food.

Deep Nourishment as a Pillar of Care

Taking this part of postpartum on should not be full of discontent. When I cook in a clients home, holding space in the heart of the home is amongst one of my top honors. It is encouraged to clear away some of the clutter, stale, stagnant items, food and fodder that is lurking around. The nesting instinct may have already taken care of this but making way for fresh, clear, vibrant energy is worth taking a moment or two to do.

Keeping this simple + straightforward the Postpartum Kitchen is all of our kitchens. It's the heart of the home, a sacred space that will be full of warmth, nourishment and soon giggles, joy, tears and dishes.

The good news is that most likely your kitchen has everything or nearly everything that is needed. Small Batch Wellness strives for an earth friendly+ sustainable kitchen which is why we created the soon to be available SUSTAIN pack to help bolster this endeavor. Simple swaps over time will get you the kitchen you desire but for now we will focus on the basics.

When we talk about a traditional or ancestral kitchen, it is not to say throw out the science.

While maybe we don't need every uni-tasker gadget out there, modern day tools are timesavers, spacesavers and sanity savers.

Some basics that you most likely have, there are links here to what I have but no need to get the same as me.

  • Cast Iron Pans: One is good, but more are better! :) These provide pretty easy cooking with deeper flavor and the added benefit that it adds iron to your diet. Something needed, especially right now.

  • Stainless Steel Pans: One is good, but more are better! Throw out your non-stick pots and pans now. Full of toxic garbage your body (and your baby) does not need.

  • Glass Bakeware: For the reasons above, baking in glass is a cleaner method.

  • Stock Pot (especially if you don't have an Instant Pot but seriously you should get an instant pot).

  • Vegetable Peeler: yerp

  • Sharp Knives + Cutting Board: yerp

  • Box Grater: I like the kind that has a container in the center to catch the food.

  • Unbleached Parchment Paper: The brown paper.

  • Immersion Blender: A good immersions stick is going to save lots of time from pulling out the blender and cleaning all its parts. Most SBW Recipes will aim to use this (over a blender).

Here are some that I highly recommend be considered for your Postpartum Kitchen:

  • The Instant Pot: Believe the hype - this is an absolute timesaver (and turns out nutrient saver too). Since many foods are cooked at a lower temperature, more of the foods nutrients are preserved. Many of the SBW Recipes are written for an IP first.

  • Silicone Mat for Freezing (no heat!): As food is batch prepped, freezing on this flexible mat can be helpful when trying to get the frozen food. Parchment paper can do the trick though!

  • Lucky Iron Fish: We talk more about the importance of iron to blood build and this little fish can help move the