When in prep mode for the arrival of a newborn, filling out the pantry with deeply nourishing, nutrient rich foods can be daunting or pushed aside. This starter pack arrives about the 32 week mark and is perfect for laying a foundation to your Postpartum Kitchen.  


The Foundational Prepare Pack includes guidance with navigating the Postpartum Roadmap. Written by a Holistic Nutritionist blending traditional ways with modern since to create a balanced postpartum experience.  

  • Twenty to Twenty Five Pantry items: This includes raw goods + locally shopped produce (quinoa,rice, oats, mung, ghee, local maple, local honey, fruits, veggies, broths, new mama teas, spice blends and much more. Items are almost exclusively organic and always ethically sourced. This foundational pack will be the bulk of the pantry items, subsequent deliveries (should you sign up for the entire series) will be smaller and reflecting the season and timeframe within postpartum.

  • The Postpartum Kitchen Database. This evolving database includes access to a wide array of information pertaining to the postpartum. While food, recipes, pantry, & freezer prep are a main focus, the database offers access to curated information geared to people navigating their Fourth Trimester. It also includes detailed step by step information on a thorough and thoughtful approach to this highly unique and precious time.

    • Curated postpartum recipes from around the globe as well as special guest entries from perinatal practitioners, professional chefs and foodies alike - all with an eye to deeply nourishing the birth giver and feeding loved ones as well. Digital versions of the recipe cards should you prefer to view them on a phone, tablet, computer.

    • Simplified instructions:  Putting it all together, the Cliff Notes version for loved ones to help prep, cook or warm these meals for the person in postpartum.

    • Pillars of Care + Roadmap through = Fourth Trimester Care 

    • Welcome: Purposeful Nourishment + Your Postpartum Kitchen

    • How it all works

    • Tools + Equipment, Tips + Techniques, Sprouting

    • Timelines + Pantry Audit + Shopping Lists

    • Convenience Foods, Local Shopping (TBA), Local Restaurants that might offer thoughtful choices

    • Postnatal Depletion

    • Recommended Resources, Reading + Downloads

    • Much More (See the separate product entitled The Postpartum Kitchen


  • Complimentary Offerings + More Resources: These Community Care options are from perinatal professionals spread throughout the seacoast in New Hampshire and Maine. Doulas, Gentle Infant Sleep Experts, Parenting Centers, Pelvic Health Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Skilled Herbalists, Perinatal Steam Therapist, Registered Dietician, & Maternity Wear. These offerings dovetail the postpartum journey with something for everyone. Generous coupon codes, Educational Tips + Guides for  downloading, Free Consults both in person and virtual, Personalized Education on your growing baby, Birth Story Processing. Quite simply, professionals ready to listen and advocate. We have a generous and heartfelt community here.

  • Exclusive discounts on available Small Batch Wellness services including Purposeful Nourishment’s sister offering, Anchored  + Balanced (learn more here).

  • Doorstep Deliveries: There are no delivery fees! For now, we are including the cost of delivery in the overall price.  We deliver within 35 miles of Wells Maine.  We will deliver it at a predetermined date in an Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable (Reusable) ReCool Igloo Cooler or two. 


The Foundational Prepare Pack works if you want help getting started with getting a nourishment plan in order as well as full access to information. As this does not include the full series of doorstep deliveries, participants will need to do more sourcing of fresh goods. If you'd like us to handle that, then check out the full Purposeful Nourishment series. :)

Foundational Prepare Pack Plus

  • For those interested in not purchasing the entire Purposeful Nourishment Series, this is JUST one delivery sent along at about 32 weeks pregnant.  

    Information on the entire Purposeful Nourishment Series can be found here.


    $325 ~ One Lump Sum 

    $135 Deposit & 3 payments of $65 dollars

    $125 Deposit & 4 payments of $54