We may need some help kickstarting our digestion as well as getting our body out of Fight or Flight (Sympathetic Nervous System) to Rest + Digest (Parasympathetic Nervous System).

This nourishment box is loaded with a wide array of options to help facilitate a gentle and smooth digestive processes within the body.


  • Happy Belly Tea from Little Linden Herbals
  • CCF Tea (Coriander, Cumin, + Fennel)
  • Sugar Kelp Flakes from Nautical Farms
  • Fermented Garlic Honey from Anya's Apothekare
  • Fermented Ghee from Mr. Boo
  • Lacto Ferment Turmeric + Squash from Gracies Garden
  • Sipping Bone Broth from EPIC
  • Fresh Ginger

    Delivery $5 (within 36 miles of Wells, Maine)

Ask about an upgrade to add Rasa + Collagen Peptides

Rest + Digest Nourishment Box

  • Each box is subject to availability and depending on access, freshness and seasonality, we may need to substitute items that are equivilaent in value and/or nutrient density.